February Food Fun

OK, I may really be stretching things…but right now, any cards I make have to be for a reason b/c I’m either behind in making what I need to or have certain ones in mind and am ahead of schedule!!  So in thinking of Janeen’s food challenge, I’ve been thinking of those gross (sorry if you like them…I can’t stand them…goes back to a Kindergarten experience that damaged me for life LOL!!!)  Marshmallow Peeps ever since I saw these bunnies over in the Silhouette store  (also inspired my a place setting card in the most recent PaperCrafts magazine)!  I bought them and made this cute, easy “Happy Spring” card to have in my stash for the blessedly hoped for season of spring!  Raided my kids pompom craft kit for the pink bunny tails.


Then I needed to make my cousin a birthday card.  Her birthday is today and the card will be late…  She loves sunflowers.  And well, I love sunflower seeds for snacking on!  See how it’s food related??  No, I know Janeen…you wanted more food as in food images I’m quite sure…but you’ll have to forgive my stretch of the imagination this time around!

sunflower card

And lastly, no more imagination needed, I made some real food to share with you…except, OH YES…you will need some more imagination.  Imagine that this cake does indeed have sugar in it.  Yesterday was not a good mojo day.  I really struggled to get anything done.  Finally felt like baking something and pound cake sounded reasonably appealing to my preggo mind.  As soon as it had cooled for a few minutes, I anxiously snuck a piece off the top and immediately went “Blech!”  Looked at the recipe to see what I forgot….should have known right off, I forgot the sugar.  Good grief.  But I rescued it…if you dollop enough Strawberry-Rhubarb jam on it, you’d never know.

poundcake flop

So!  That’s all from me.  Thank you for stopping by and stretching your imagination with me.  Have a wonderful day!  LOL, leave a comment so I don’t have to imagine that you’ve visited me!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “February Food Fun

  1. So you made cake bread…lol. I love your peeps. But I don’t love peeps, I share your ad version of them. Uhhmmmm a bit of a stretch on the sunflower seeds but I am so glad you joined us that ill take it! Thanks so much for playing along Rebekah!

  2. Fabulous POST! I love using my imagination with card making!!! I knew right off what that cute bunny card represented! I saw it on the Paper Crafts mag. too and thought it was so cute! LOVE your take on it with the cute polka dots and pom poms! Great sunflower card too! The cake and jam sure look yummy!!! I keep forgetting to put oil in my homemade muffins! Seth notices every time I do it!!! Hope you have a good day today!

  3. I don’t like peeps either! I think it’s the extra crunchy surgery stuff on the outside because I like marshmallows.
    The birthday card is very pretty and the cake looks yummy! Hope it hit the spot for your preto belly!

  4. Very cute peeps! I can’t stand eating them either. But paper ones are awesome! The sunflower card is lovely. Glad you’re able to rescue your cake! Maybe also as a cinnamon toast base?

  5. I love Peeps but I don’t buy them very often as I can’t seem to share them! Cute, cute idea…and I like the sunflower card story…and the cake…well…glad you could add another homemade touch!

  6. Super cute peeps!!! I don’t like peeps, yuck! My brother likes them & I’m not sure if part of the reason was none of the rest of liked them, so he didn’t have to share! LOL

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