Tuesday ramblings…it is Tuesday right??

 October 22, falling leaves

1.  MIA.  I’ve been offline a bit more.  Phebe is going through another few “wonder weeks” (read this post about it!).  Yep.  Intense.  Suddenly sleeping through the night is gone and we are up 2, 3 and sometimes 4 times a night.  Since last Wednesday (her 16th week)!  So during the day, I scratch the to-do list and take a nap here and there and feed, cuddle and play with DD3.  She’s much happier through the day when things are low-key.  I’m thankful that I can slow down and do this.  I’m thankful to have learned that babies don’t stay babies and you can’t cuddle/snuggle a 14 year old or a 10 year old very easily, so you must do it while you can!  I’m also glad I took some time Sunday night before going to bed to look up when the next growth spurt was.   In the intensity of things you forget (and hardly have time to check it out…) when all these events/stages happen and can easily begin to worry that you are starving your baby or that she is sick or that she is teething (which likely is happening in the background!).  And after reading what I found, those are the very worries that almost every mom has.  Whew!  So I’m ok.  We’re ok.  I was very reassured and it made it easier to just slow down and be present.  Soak up the extra baby cuddles and naps.  Take it easy so I can continue to feed my baby and meet her needs.  Lots of things going on in her little mind and body!

October 21, cuddly baby

2.  The most precious gift.  Speaking of baby naps and cuddles…Saturday morning I was sleeping in b/c of a lot of getting up to feed Phebe multiple times in the night.  In comes DH and DD2 with Phebe.  I woke enough to get ready to feed her.  But then I hear DH quietly “shh-shh’ing” her and bouncing her gently.  She is fast asleep!!  He is bringing her in for me to snuggle and continue sleeping in with.  Oh my!  A very precious gift indeed!!  We slept together for another 45 minutes.

3.  Exercise.  Another wonderful thing happened Saturday.  DD1 and I took a run together!  I never dreamed that would one day happen.  Well, I did…but she has never really enjoyed intense exercising so I never gave it a second thought!  But she is running and wants to run a 5K sometime.  It was so enjoyable having a running partner.  And Phebe too, of course!  And maybe DD2 will take off with us sometime.

October 19, runniing

4.  Humor.  DD1 called up to me from the basement Saturday “Mom, bring me down the ocean!”  Um, whew.  Glad you think I’m so capable to hold the ocean in the palm of my hands and bring it to you LOL!  But no, she was meaning the aquarium-themed bouncy seat for DD3 (one of the many sounds it makes is ocean waves)!!  DD3 was hanging out with her big sister.

5.  Yep, we all love the weekends!  I love all the extra hands around to help take care of Phebe and get projects DONE!  I make small dents in my to-do’s during the week as I’m able, but on Saturdays….mountains get moved and it feels SO good!  This past Saturday I got all my geraniums brought in and my herb garden cleaned out.  Huge!  Rockers brought in and potted mums planted and pumpkins brought in for carving (it’s hateful carving out cold pumpkin goo!!).  I said aloud “I’m ready for you snow!”  And you know what…we have snow in the forecast for today!!  Haven’t seen a trace of it, but it’s COLD out.

What’s not to love about Saturdays??  The baby novelty has not worn off!

October 19, Saturdays

And Sundays??

October 20, sundays

Last night’s forecast,  SNOW!!


6.  Special company was coming this week and we were going to carve pumpkins together!  They might come next week instead and so we’ll save the carving fun for then!  We’re in no hurry, after all, we have two nice plug in pumpkins that scarily, I mean sweetly, glow at us.

October 19, pumpkins


 7. Spooky Halloween mail from Auntie Carol!

October 19, scary mail

8.  Projects.  4 pillows done last week!  The no-sew type.  I’m thinking a few safety pins will be needed to secure the knot…I used jersey knit fabric and it’s THICK!

2 of these,


And 2 of these,


9.  Dentist.  The older girls and I had our dentist appointments finally.   Way over due b/c of getting off track while I was pregnant and sick.  Thank goodness we all got a good report.  DDs could use sealants, but I need to figure out if that is necessary.  And I don’t know if I trust this dentist yet.  The kids went to a new one that’s covered under our insurance.  She said DD2 could use braces on the top, which I’m fine with, but then she went on to say it was something she would/could do and would save us lots of $$.  Eeep. I’ve never heard of a regular dentist doing braces.  That’s what you go to the orthodontist for.  So I need to check in with my dental friend!  I always feel like I’m abusing a friendship when I have to ask for their expertise in their fields (dentistry, Nurse Practitioner and OB nurse friends!!).  But with all the scamming going on in our world, I’m thankful we have friends who work in these various fields who we can check in with and run things by them before going ahead with said plans.

OK.  I’ll leave off on an odd number for a change.  I need to get off and get some other things done.  DD3 is napping!  Takes me half the day to write and I often wonder why I bother, but I do enjoy getting some thoughts from our lives recorded with the photos.


One thought on “Tuesday ramblings…it is Tuesday right??

  1. Rebekah, so fun to read your post and see the photos!!! So glad you are able to just slow down a bit and take the days as they come! The wisdom that comes from having older children, you KNOW they grow up fast. Good for you taking the time for the extra snuggles and the NAPS!!!

    Awesome that you and DD1 went for a run together!!!

    Take care of yourself!

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