Creativity around here…

…is slow but sure!

Two creative salads made this weekend.  Creative, meaning I went beyond the classic potato or macaroni salad for both potlucks thinking there would be plenty of those available.  Ended up everyone got creative…I don’t think I saw any potato salad at either potluck and maybe one classic macaroni salad!!

Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad

Spring Pasta Salad

Both with Feta…b/c it’s betta’ with Feta!!  And we can buy our Feta right in our little town!  Locally made!


My first attempt at a hairband for Phebe!  All supplies from Hobby Lobby.


Gardening!  Definitely a creative outlet for me.  A greenhouse is within walking distance, so we WALK!  My sweet little helper LOVES to be outdoors.  I think her first birthday cake is going to be Dirt Dessert…so I can give her some decent “dirt” to eat.  GoodNESS, but she loves getting into the dirt and EATING it!!!

May 22, greenhouse caravan, phebe

One fine morning’s garden picking,

May 22, phebe, gardening picks

Some creative photography one evening as I sat out on the deck reading.  Love the expansion of our living area this time of year.

May 24, tree silhouette

I have another succulent display for outdoors now.  Farm & Fleet had a delightful assortment, so I couldn’t resist!


A beautiful rainbow one morning helped set the tone for the rest of the day,

May 21, rainbow

  A couple of graduation cards made with their school colors.  Love my Silhouette for quick and easy!


And another PL week done,

  Week-19A  Week-19-insert1

Week-19-insert2   Week-19B

So that brings me to 34/100 including this blog post…b/c writing is so creative and therapeutic for me!

And some etc. “around here” goings on…

we have a new used F150.  I LOVE trucks and this one is no exception!!  The kids love it too…DD2 and Phebe have been out playing in it almost everyday.  Phebe loves it!  And DD2 loves having a happy baby sister to play with!!!  Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere, thus no carseat!  Just pure play!

May 23, truck lovers, lydia, phebe2 May 25, truck lovers, lydia, phebe

Soon to follow tonight is a used pop-up camper that this truck was purchased to haul!  We are getting it from a co-worker of DH’s.  So thrilled to find one from someone we know AND whose wife is a clean freak!  Yea!  No worries of bed bugs and other possible grossness.

And some wonderful family time!  We often find ourselves decompressing at the end of a summer day.  It’s quite lovely!!  Yes, there is still plenty to do, but part of summer is enjoying being together.  And we make a point of that often!  The weeds will still be there, yadda, yadda, yadda!

May 22, family r&R, philp, phebe, abigail, lydia

And frequent bonfires allow for more decompressing…and maybe a few S’mores…though this one didn’t b/c I didn’t have the ingredients for it and I had already made bars…and we don’t need a double whammy of sugar in one evening.

May 23, bonfire, rebekah

And these two enjoyed each other’s company more while DD1 was away this last weekend.

May 25, sisters, phebe, lydia

And I got some exercise this weekend!

A 9 mile bike ride with DH…he was hauling Phebe!  My first ride since before pregnancy.  Hello jello legs!

May 24, bike ride, phebe

And a wonderful hot run Sunday afternoon!  Felt great to get back and crash on the front lawn with the rest of the family!

This was my sky view,

May 25, sky view

And that’s all for now.  Phebe is teething and is quite clingy so I’m not getting much done these days, so this feels HUGE!  She fell asleep just as we got back from town errands.  She is not a huge daytime sleeper, so this is a luxury.

Slow but sure creativity

The creativity joys ebb and flow in life.  But I’ve made some slow progress.  I made four cards alike.  Three went out in the mail for belated birthdays.  Sorry, I’m so hit or miss with occasions.  Sometimes you might get a card, other times you might not.  It’s not an exclusion or reason.  Just the way life flows here!  Cards rarely get sent out just because anymore.

 Hibiscis birthday greetings

And two brand new skirts got altered.  These were from Target.  Size small.  While I often can wear small, I am by no means an XS!  But these size small skirts were waaaayyyy to big for me.  I think they had some sizing issues on this project!  So I’ve got them fixed and ready to wear comfortably without falling off.  Just in time for date night with my husband.  I love that these skirts are fancy and yet perfect for a trip to town.  I love clothes like that.  Dress em’ up or down and GO!


So that brings me to 27/100 so far.  That includes this blog post which is creative enough for me b/c it doesn’t get done enough!

Creativity continues…

Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips w/Mango dip.  They were good, but not awesome enough to repeat!

May 1, coconut chicken

Finally, finally got a week of PL done on Saturday!  Week 18.  In honor of National Scrapbooking Day!

  May 3, PL layout

Week-18A_edited-1       Week-18B

And some alligator greetings to send to some dear friends who have just bought a condo in FL to live in part-time (we hope it’s really part-time because we miss them a LOT when they are gone!  But we’re also very thankful they can, go, do and move as they desire!) !  He told DD2 that their neighbors were alligators!  So I immediately had this idea brewing in my mind.

Silhouette shapes:  card, alligator

PTI banner die

CK Ali Edwards font

Alligator greetings

Creative photography.  Momma robin made a nest under our sink out on the back deck.  She screams at us and flies away every time we go out there.  Sorry, Mrs., we were here first and we are out here a LOT!!  Phebe is noticing the birds and I’m sure she said “birdie” this morning when she looked outside!!  She’s a real chatter box lately.  Told her daddy all kinds of stories while out gardening with him on Saturday!

May 4, signs of spring, robin eggs

May 1, phebe gardening with daddy

And Happy Cinco de Mayo!  DD1 needed to bring in some food for a fiesta in Spanish class.  She made pork carnita filling in the crockpot (which smelled absolutely divine cooking…and from my small little samples, it tastes amazing too!) and then she baked some of these fun cookies.  I’m counting it towards my creative endeavors too b/c I helped out as needed and it was fun and enjoyable project!  And because it reminded me to make a fun dinner menu up for tonight.  It’s posted on our chalkboard.  We’ll be having the Pork Carnitas in tortilla wraps with cheese and sour cream and salsa.  Along with Mexican Rice, chips and corn.

May 5, cinco de mayo sombrero cookies

So, hmmmm, I think that brings me up to 21/100 creative joys!

I have a super happy and now sleeping baby today so I’m getting lots done.  She even inspired me to get washing out the cupboards that I wanted to tackle this week.  2 done with her inspiration!


Have a wonderful new week!  The sun is trying very hard to shine!  I’ve done some yoga and am ready for a walk/jog when the little one allows!

Simon Says….YELLOW

The Monday Simon Says challenge was to use yellow!  This is my first card in a long time so I feel like it’s a very feeble attempt!  But I was thankful for something new in my stash to try out for a quick and easy card.  The “HI” came from a Cards in an Instant from me&my Big ideas.  Super fun to use!

Simon Says, hi

100 days of creating creative joy

Happy May Day!

I have fond memories of running across the street with my mom to our elderly neighbor lady’s home to ring her doorbell and drop a bouquet of flowers on her doorstep and then run away back home before she saw us!  DD2 learned about it in school and this is what she left me last year!

May 1, may flowers, lydia

This wasn’t a May day bouquet, but little hands with flower bouquets melt my heart!

April 8, first bouquet


I joined in with a 100 days of creative…though I’m getting creative with how I go about it!  These are little peeks at bits of creative joy the last while.  Nothing big, nothing major.  Just a little joy in each day!

Dew drops photography one fine morning,

April 25, dew drops on tulip April 25, dew drops

April 25, glowing dew

Using my mom’s old chalkboard to display the day’s dinner menu,

April 23, menu

Planting some tomatoes and basil,

April 22, plants!

A new fun succulent home in my living room,

April 23, succulent home

  and in my office,

 April 11, succulent office love

Spring views,

April 19, lilac buds

April 19, jonquil blossoms April 25, lilac buds

10 month photo shoot in our backyard,

April 25, Phebe 10 months, big ball   April 25, Phebe 10 months, sweet baby toes in the grass

Trying to enjoy smoothies,

April 1, smoothie love

Vintage Brownie Layer cake,

Vintage Brownie Surprise Cake with this white cake recipe and then a brownie mix

April 14, lopsided layer cake2 April 15, lopsided layer cake

Soft pretzel nuggets, (awesome BTW!),

April 19, soft pretzel nuggets

DIY spa night with my older two girls,

April 18, DIY spa night

with homemade spa treats:

Bath fizzies

Herbal facial steam

Cocoa Vanilla Lip Balm (I used vanilla essential oil instead of peppermint)

April 18, DIY bath fizz molds April 18, DIY facial steam

And some spa treats.  Ended up not really liking these.  Too fakey tasting with the cake mix.

April 18, spa treats

And a collage I put together of the whole evening. I also got some other Instagram photos uploaded and filed away.

 April 18, spa night with the kids

Pinterest inspired hair flower storage,

April 30, pinterest inspired hair storage

So with these creative moments of joy, that brings me to 12 out of 100 creative endeavors!  This started on April 14, so I need to get up to 18 to be up-to-date.  But I’ve written two blog posts now and that is very creative for me so that brings me to 14 creative joys!  Not so bad after all!!

Have a wonderful day!

Slowly, but surely!