A new kind of challenge today: Closet purge

This afternoon I took on a complete closet over-haul.  I have been so weary of my closet.  Constantly having to thumb over stuff that I don’t like or doesn’t fit.  My body is just different since Phebe.  Yes, I have some weight I still want to lose, but I have a feeling my hips have changed for good.  And I’m ok with that.  She is SO worth it.  And as I age, I’m more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m not stick thin, but I never have been and never will be!  So!  I tackled my closet with this in mind.  Building a capsule wardrobe!  I’m excited to fine-tune everything a bit as I wear what I left in my closet.  There are tops I’m pretty sure will leave the scene…but I don’t like to try on a top unless I’m planning on wearing it because I love the freshly laundered snug and clean feel.  So I will keep a close eye on those as I wear them.

I had already been noticing that I have changed…much of my apparel is to “mill and mass” type things.  They can be dressed up for our church meetings, but can be dressed down for out and about.  And I’m the kind of person that likes to look and feel nice when out and about.  And around home too really.  I’m more focused and engaged if I’m “dressed for success”.  So I’ve been finding myself turning to the same items of clothing, just with different mixes based on the occasion or day.  And I have tons of scarves to accessorize with and those don’t have to be pared down for this challenge.

I have two full trash bags to take to our local consignment store and two bags to take to the thrift shop!  I’m feeling very accomplished and liberated.

Here are some before and after pictures.  Forgive the poor lighting in our closet!

Before and then after side by side.

Before it was all skirts.  Now I can put my vests and other jackets and shrugs up with my skirts where I can see them better!

 Closet 2, before   Closet 2, after

The shirts went way back in behind DH’s pants, what you see is not all there is!!  Now they end right where his hanging pants come down so I’m thrilled to be able to see everything!  What you see is what there is!

 Closet, before  Closet, after_edited-1

Still room for progress!

Other news on the home-front, finally the rain has stopped.  Still chilly and breezy, but Phebe and I took off for a walk and playground stop regardless.  We needed fresh air!

Today’s autumn glow during yoga for the birch trees!  No sun even needed.

autumn glow


2 thoughts on “A new kind of challenge today: Closet purge

  1. I am still getting used to not having as many clothes. Like you, I think there are still a few things that will go, but not sure yet. 🙂 And I am having to come to terms with wider hips as well. I keep thinking that if just lose weight, they will shrink. BUT. 30 pounds later, my hips are still about 2 sizes larger than my top. Sigh. Oh well! Four kids is a pretty good exchange for wide hips! 🙂

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