Letting go and moving forward



I kid you not, this made my day Sunday when I happened upon it on Facebook!!!  It puts into pictures and words the very battle (one of them anyway!!) I am letting go of so that I can love more and win at my new challenge to LOVE. MORE.  Less stress, less anger, more peace, more love.  My words on my FB post with this image,   “I just refuse to get so upset about all this anymore….Some day they will have their own houses and mom’s voice will come back to haunt them I’m sure. Until then…it is what it is and I’m done getting angry about nobody listening to me!!! I have OCD about it and they don’t, so I will just quietly undo what needs undoing, wrinkle my nose as I do it and let it gooooooooo……..! There will be peace and I will love.”



My goal…



I hope to document my way through this.  Not daily likely, but in lump posts.  I heard a “thank you” for cleaning someone’s room and a “wow, that looks great down there” (same kiddo) when I vacuumed the basement.  And one other thing it seems, but I’ve forgotten.  I want to hear more words like that and less grumbling and negative moods.

I know I’ve proven again and again that “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and I hate that my negative moods can so easily bother others in the house….

Having a newborn in the house soon should really intensify that feelings of love and joy.  And I hope we can all gain the boost we need from it and use it as a jumping board into the future of more love and peace.  It’s hard growing up.  It’s hard learning to be good parents.  Neither kids or parents are perfect.  We’ve spent time around people who still feel kids should be “seen and not heard” or even both perhaps!  Not fun to be around.  We enjoy our children!  We just realized our dinner table is quite the rambunctious sight I’m sure!  But we love it, and I want to enjoy our imperfections more.

A new week, a new day

37 week baby bump_edited-1 for blog

37 weeks, 1 day


Twining with my bug today!  We’ve only worn these dresses (found at OldNavy.com) once several weeks ago, and I didn’t think the whole “matching mommy” idea really sunk in.  But this morning when I told her we were going to wear our matching dresses, she went right to her closet and pulled this dress out!

The anxiety is building in our house!  We have some very sure opinions on what the gender of our soon to arrive little one is.  One daughter is very sure it’s a girl.  Another daughter and my husband are very sure it’s a boy.  VERY sure.  Whew!  I’m hardly going to know how to respond when Dr. announces “It’s a ………..!!!!”

Though I do know one thing for sure…soon after that announcement, I’ll be asking for CHOCOLATE!!

The Gestational Diabetes is going very well.  But I’ll admit, I’m craving some pumpkin baked goodies about now.  I’ve had a few bites here and there, but nothing substantial!!  My numbers have all been well, unless I cheat.  And even then, I’ve only had two numbers in all be above 140.  I hear some dr.’s set the limit at 140. Mine is set at 130.  I do wish there was a standard protocol across the board for women to follow.   So I have another week of low-carb meal planning set.  Thank goodness for Pinterest.

bear hat

Found a cute little hat on Etsy for our little one to be.

I’ve been very busy nesting.  Lots of cleaning and de-cluttering has gotten done, and I’ve even ventured down to our newly remodeled basement to clean up a bit.  The basement has really been off my radar since I became pregnant.  It was just too much for my pea-brain to absorb.  It’s been quite a mess down there (just part of the remodel process!) and bit by bit, things are getting worked on and finished.  DH has been so diligent.  I’ve been saying…let it rest until winter, but DH has kept at it.  I am starting to get a little bit excited about planning out the finish of my studio now too.  That will start at the beginning of the new year, but hey, at least getting excited about it again is a start.  That too, has been off my radar…I’ve been content to just have a new space to work in!


October starts Hope You Can Cling To 2015!  I participated for the first time last year and loved it!  Not sure how much I’ll be able to participate this year with baby’s arrival imminent, but I aim to try to do what I can!  I won $200 of free goodies over at The Cat’s Pajamas!  I hope to put those goodies to good use during HYCCT this year!

A little color starting to show up in our forest,


And a little baby project I would love to get done soon…some burp cloths in case it’s a boy!  Plus one made with snowmen for this winter for boy or girl!  🙂

burp cloths

Have a wonderful new week!



(visit Starbucks for this delightful greeting!)

Happy Fall!  I’m so, so happy!  It’s my favorite time of year, and this year it’s even better with a sweet little bundle of joy expected soon!!  Wowza!

….last Friday, the kids had off from school, and I nabbed DD2 first thing in the morning to help me get all my summer flowers and pots taken care.  She was a huge help (though not so cheerfully!!) and it felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders.  Always a big job to get everything cleaned up and all my geraniums cut down and brought in for the winter. So now fall has arrived on our doorstep!  Not a lot of tree color yet, but that will come!fall

….glorious sunsetsglorious sunset

….nesting mode is in full gear!  I’ve been busy cleaning, organizing and getting ready for baby’s arrival.  Working on packing my hospital bag.  Working on getting newborn baby girl things washed up.  We don’t know what we are having, so I have brand new newborn baby boy things waiting too!  Getting baby geared cleaned and ready to go again!  Littlest DD thinks it’s all for her and her doll’s benefit!!

baby stuff

….busy filling my freezer with meals and goodies (Baked Ziti, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Chicken Enchiladas, pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls, etc).  Feels so good to be able to do it this time around.  Last time, I felt gross the whole pregnancy.  This time I’m mainly just tired!

No-bake energy bites, (wonderful, I’ve made them before!  This time I didn’t have flax, but threw in some wheat germ, along with more chia seeds than the recipe called for.  Raisins or craisins would be good instead of the chocolate chips I’m sure)

energy bites

Breakfast Burritos (if you want a recipe!  I always wing it when I make these…scramble the eggs, add meat and cheese…no veggies for me in the morning, just can’t do it!  S&P to taste.  I did follow the directions of the recipe to wrap them each in a paper towel for ease in microwave warm-up.  I made a batch of sausage and a batch of ham)  I remember all to well those early, starving momma kinds of mornings!


And the cleaning mode!  Carpet shampooed,


….so thankful for cooler days and nights.

….oh the days of waiting…

….little girl is in big helper mode!  Busy planning our week.


….a little walk through our school prairie one evening.prairie prairie2

….the fields all seem ready for harvest!harvest

….and speaking of planning, I can’t wait to get my new planner!  Of course, I can’t use it until 2016 arrives (and I’m not wanting to rush that!), but I’ll be able to handle it and think about how I’m going to set it up and use it each week!!  In the meantime, I continue to use my own make-shift planner that has worked well for this year.


….Littlest DD seems to be over her intense period.  Whew!  That latest several weeks!!  This means more contented play on her own.pen

And that’s all for now.  Someone has found their way onto my lap, so my blog writing is over!  TIme for naps soon!!  Yes, that’s plural!


A quick and easy tote bag I’ve made before for a Halloween trick or treat bag.  This time I made Mickey Mouse themed bag for DD3 (she loves “Moush”!) to use for her church bag.  She has been using one of my favorite totes, but I’m wanting it back as my own!!

mickey mouse tote

Fabric and black canvas tote found at Hobby Lobby.

Directions here.

Busy week ahead, so the crafting time will be nonexistent for a bit.  But I’m looking forward to cozy, nesting days after this week is over!

Halloween magic

I was so excited to see some fun Halloween shapes added to Heidi Swapp’s line of marquee decor!  I love the jack o’ lantern!  So cute!!

marquee jackolantern2

It took me about 30 minutes to craft this cutie into something magical.

Some acrylic orange and green paint, Heidi Swapp glitter paper (orange) and some glitter.

marquee jack o lantern

I will leave it unplugged until October (we have found they eat up AAA batteries quite fast…that’s the only downfall).  Just had to make sure I got it done before baby arrives!!  It may be the only jack o’ lantern we have, if carving real pumpkins doesn’t happen this year!

With Sympathy

Seems like I’ve been needing several of these cards lately.  For each of these cards made, I also made an extra for my stash.  I’m participating in a 100 days of creativity challenge and it’s so inspiring to sit down and make something, rather than waste it resting or wondering what to do with myself with no energy.

Pinterest inspired,

with sympathy3

Pinterest inspired,

with sympathy2 copy

Pinterest inspired,With sympathy_edited-1

And a sneak peak at a project I hope to show you completed on Monday!  So, so fun and completed in 30 minutes!

pumpkin peek copy

And a happy mail stash I had ready to send off Friday! happy mail to send

My work area.  I’ve been having a lot of rough motherhood days thanks to raging pregnancy hormones and the HEAT.  Ugh.  So one day last week, I sat down in my studio and just took in the peace and quiet while I held my head in my hands. I noticed the different stamped sentiments on my work paper and it made me think of the people I had made these cards for.  It lifted me up, and I said a quiet prayer for the strength that comes from friendships and fellow momma’s saying “It’s going to be OK, I’ve been there…”  And a prayer for strength for the rest of the day…

work mat

Studio day

So far this week, no day has been on schedule and “normal” like I hoped would happen with school back in session!  But TODAY, finally some reprieve, except for a doctor appointment for DD3 to make sure she didn’t have a UTI.  She doesn’t.  So it’s likely a mild intestinal bug or just plain ol’ teething (which I tend to lean towards believing).  She is getting her last tooth, a nice big molar.  The whole dr. outing didn’t take long, so we were back home in record time and able to take back the day mostly!



Thursday I like to keep as my creative, studio days if at all possible.  It felt wonderful today.  I set up DD3 with her new crayons and some coloring pages.  Then she wanted to paint.  Then she found and empty Tic Tac container, and that kept her quiet as she stuffed it with some little foam stick on craft pieces.  She was so proud of her accomplishment, and so was I…several minutes of pure quietness!!  She was anxious to have her picture taken as I was taking pictures of the cards I’ve made recently, so I captured her with her Tic Tac container all neatly filled.

little girl

  I needed a masculine birthday card, so of course, I made two.  One to give and one for the stash.  Pinterest inspired of course.Masculine birthday

I needed a few coffee themed cards to mail out.  Played with a new Tim Holtz die…I know…I have a Silhouette and shouldn’t be buying die cuts, but there is something about dies and punches that is just so handy and user friendly.  Also loving a new 6×6 paper pad from Michael’s of the kraft and gold combo designs you see on the above and below pictured cards.

Coffee love

And another SU Paper Pumpkin card to send out soon,With love

And two anniversary cards, one to give and one for the stash!  Pinterest inspired again.Annivesary wishes

Still loving my MISTI…used it on these two cards to stamp the sentiment, so I would have no issues since the card was fully made already except for the sentiment!  Perfecto.  LOVE!


Now it’s nap-time and the big kids will soon be home from school.  Dinner is ALL prepped!  Some days are win-win!  The last late afternoons have brought on quite the witching hour as it’s often called, so I’m going to enjoy a quiet late afternoon today.  Sautéed cabbage, onions and garlic (oh, and some finely chopped kale for good measure!) with kielbasa, roasted garden fresh carrots and sautéed zucchini with fresh tomatoes and onions.  Yummm.  I’m soon going to be missing all this #gardenfresh dinner prep goodness.

garden fresh

Welcome September and school days and…

….and an intensely teething toddler.  Whew!  This is what my morning started out looking like,


Well, actually this is how it started out looking (plus a beautiful sunrise)!


I did get my quiet time on the deck this morning!  But then…

DD3 woke up even more not herself than she has been lately.  Shortly after the big kids left for school, this little one was up and irritable.  I gave her a bath, gave her a drink of watered down Gatorade and a dose of Tylenol.  She wanted to snuggle and rock.  We did.  And she eventually fell asleep.  We both had a good 1 hour nap in my bed!

On days like this, it’s always a relief to at least get dinner prepped…

Cloudy (in the house at least!) with a fairly good chance of lo-carb meatballs for dinner tonight….(and I even got a meal of them in the freezer for after baby…SCORE!)


And now it’s nap time and after another dose of Tylenol (don’t worry, I hardly ever dole out medicine, but today it has really been needed…), she is down for the count.  I had a treat for myself (the last sliver of the lo-carb chocolate cheesecake DD2 made for me and some decaf coffee with lightly sweetened whipping cream!) and now I’m off to find something creative to do.  I’m hoping the big kids are having an awesome first day of school.  IMG_6428

I have about an hour before they are home!

I want to throw a fit that my first day of “school” didn’t go like I wanted (hopping back into my comforting routines and a fun little daily preschool curriculum for DD3!), but instead I was thankful for the reminder of what baby days will soon be like…totally unpredictable and if dinner gets made, your day is complete!!