Pumpkin everydaysprinkle

I made this card for Stacy Julian’s #everydaysprinkle this week…the theme was anything PUMPKIN!  Not a problem!!  Especially when I saw this adorable digi image over at 2CuteInk!  I can NOT wait to give birth so that I can bite into some pumpkin goodies!!!  I’m being super good these last few weeks of my pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes, not wanting to stir anything bad up by having sugar.  I have no risks as it is (because of taking care of myself) and I don’t want any!  Baby is measuring right on for it’s gestational age and every non-stress test I’ve had shows baby doing great!  We can handle that.

Have a wonderful day!

Halloween magic

I was so excited to see some fun Halloween shapes added to Heidi Swapp’s line of marquee decor!  I love the jack o’ lantern!  So cute!!

marquee jackolantern2

It took me about 30 minutes to craft this cutie into something magical.

Some acrylic orange and green paint, Heidi Swapp glitter paper (orange) and some glitter.

marquee jack o lantern

I will leave it unplugged until October (we have found they eat up AAA batteries quite fast…that’s the only downfall).  Just had to make sure I got it done before baby arrives!!  It may be the only jack o’ lantern we have, if carving real pumpkins doesn’t happen this year!

With Sympathy

Seems like I’ve been needing several of these cards lately.  For each of these cards made, I also made an extra for my stash.  I’m participating in a 100 days of creativity challenge and it’s so inspiring to sit down and make something, rather than waste it resting or wondering what to do with myself with no energy.

Pinterest inspired,

with sympathy3

Pinterest inspired,

with sympathy2 copy

Pinterest inspired,With sympathy_edited-1

And a sneak peak at a project I hope to show you completed on Monday!  So, so fun and completed in 30 minutes!

pumpkin peek copy

And a happy mail stash I had ready to send off Friday! happy mail to send

My work area.  I’ve been having a lot of rough motherhood days thanks to raging pregnancy hormones and the HEAT.  Ugh.  So one day last week, I sat down in my studio and just took in the peace and quiet while I held my head in my hands. I noticed the different stamped sentiments on my work paper and it made me think of the people I had made these cards for.  It lifted me up, and I said a quiet prayer for the strength that comes from friendships and fellow momma’s saying “It’s going to be OK, I’ve been there…”  And a prayer for strength for the rest of the day…

work mat

A bit of sewing


A box of fabric was delivered the other day and I’ve been anxious to dive in!  Today is the day.  And I got right to work making Phebe’s trick or treat bag!   The idea was found on Pinterest of course!

I did originally stamp trick or treat, but I made a few smudges and decided to just sew on another black strip and cover it all up.  I like it better actually!

trick or treat bag

The other fabrics are for cute little girl dresses…maybe!

And while Momma sewed, this happened.  We’re not worrying about messes today…Momma is busy crafting!  But thank goodness for nap time!IMG_1322

  And she figured out how to take her shirt off while wandering around making messes…


(and yes she LOVES to play with shoes…thank goodness for older sissies who have tons of shoes around!!)

Now it’s off to see how many cards I can create before the Phebester wakes up from her nap (though as I’m getting ready to hit the publish button, I’m hearing her!).  It’s a cozy, rainy day so perfect for a crafty kind of day.