Week in the Life

Another documentation of Week in the Life is over!  I always find myself questioning if it’s too much repetition with Project Life.  I go pretty in depth with Project Life, almost never having just one photo a day!  But overall, I think I likely dig a little deeper with Week in the Life and enjoy the quick snapshot into life through it’s own little 6×8 album.

Here are a few of my favorite captures of the week,

This little peanut still loves to be very close when I’m on the Mac…

August 17, phebe at the computer for blog

One repetitive photo I captured through out the week was the sunrise,August 18, morning sunrise for blog

Shopping with a soft-hearted Daddy,

August 18, this little piggy, phebe, philip for blog The family that brushes their teeth together….August 19, brushing our teeth_edited-1 for blog

DD1 took this on her flight HOME!

August 18, above the clouds

Eating dinner together,

August 19, dinner together_edited-2 for blog

Morning snuggles after my early morning walk,August 19, morning snuggles for blog

Up before Mommy was done with her quiet time…August 20, bible reading for blog

She loves to check out my hot tea and repeat “hot” often…August 20, checking on mommas tea, phebe for blog

Chicken duty before dinner,August 21, chicken duty for blog

Cutting, prepping…just part of each whole, fresh and healthy…August 21, cutting up melon for blog

The evening laundry pile…August 21, evening light on the laundry for blog

Shoes.  Someone is very into shoes around here…August 21, shoe girl for blog

Most glorious sunrise,August 21, sunrise for blog

Now to work at getting these photos+  into Ali’s page templates and uploading/ordering at Persnickety!  Always fun to get the finished product back!!

Have a wonderful day and new week!

Week in the Life…

I thought I would take some time to at least do one post about how Week in the Life is going and add some fun photos, but alas, even though I woke up feeling full of enthusiasm, I soon found myself spinning my gears!  A slow computer, a demanding two-year old, discovering that many of my indoor WITL photos have a yellowish hue to them…(meh…indoor lighting is hard), etc…you get the picture!

And then there was the spilled pasta…IMG_6176

And the burned toasted pecans for pilaf.

Lots of chopping and prepping for dinner.  I didn’t think I would be doing all of this, but if we’re going to have a nice steak birthday dinner for me, we need some yummy sides….and DH is working all day today…so…!!  The kids and I are headed to the pool this afternoon, so all the prepping needed to be done this morning, regardless of how much fun stuff I wanted to be doing.  DD1 was babysitting and DD2 was trying hard to help with DD3.  You see how the equation worked out for me to be the cook??!!

I love the season of #gardenfresh and the abundance of fruit and veggies…but it does take time to throw all together!  Chopping, sautéing, etc.

(forgive the unedited photos below!)

IMG_6190 IMG_6177

So tonight for dinner….Ribeye steaks, Rice & Quinoa Pilaf, Beet Salad and sautéed & seasoned zucchini and onions.  Hot Fudge Pudding cake with vanilla ice-cream for dessert.  I will have a tiny portion of dessert!

Have a wonderful day!

Supportive friends!

Crazy quilt of life

Ahhh…we all need a block of friends in the crazy quilt of life eh?

I’ve been so thankful for support from my family and a few close friends who have encouraged me and answered bunches of questions about Gestational Diabetes for me!  I sent this to a DF this week!  I hope it inspired her further to start on a quilt…she had just mentioned thinking about starting one!!!  “Just start….” I say!!  🙂

Week in the Life so far today…

August 19, No sunrise

I’m off to sip some tea and warm up…it’s 57* here this morning.  I didn’t check the temp before I headed out on my early morning walk and I about froze!!!  Gusty winds, no beautiful sunrise and a loose shoe (lace won’t cinch up tight as of this morning…) and then home to a crying toddler who was NOT ready to wake up.  Thankfully she let me snuggle in with her and all ended well.  I was beginning to wonder about this day LOL!!!

early morning snuggles

Week in the Life…I’m in!

WITL, I'm inIt’s that time again…time to document life in a little more detail for a week with Ali Edwards!  I just finished up last October’s Week in the Life, and I fell in love all over again with this fun project!

This photo is this morning already…Happy Monday!

Week in the Life October 2014….DONE!


“JUST START…” a favorite quote and stamp that I have from Elise!


That’s just what I did today.  Pulled out the project bag that held all my October 2014 Week in the Life supplies, pages and album!  I had everything printed, so today was all about pulling the album together!  Yes!!

WITL page 6

A few of my favorite pages,

WITL page 5     WITL page 4 WITL page 3     WITL page 2 WITL page 1      WITL page 8

WITL page 7

Since it was the week of Halloween, I got out some of my seasonal papers and incorporated them into my album!  Also used some family themed papers!  I worked at it on and off all day…you know, between potty training runs with DD3, lunch, flipping the laundry, dinner prep, etc!!

I’m thrilled that I got it FINISHED!  I’m officially ready for August’s Week in the Life project now!  That will run from August 17th-August 23rd!


Today I ordered supplies for some other scrapbooking projects I want to dig into and finish….hopefully before baby comes later this fall!  We’ll see!  I need to get DD3’s first year book done.  It will be mostly Instagram photos, so I ordered those pocket page protectors.  Also I need to start another album for Project Life this year….got that album ordered.   Wish me luck!

Week in the Life

  WITL, documenting life

I am excited to participate in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project again!  This time I went about it a little bit more low key and yet still captured plenty of life.  I didn’t take a huge amount of photos this time like I did the last time I did Week in the Life.  I never finished my project last time because I was too overwhelmed with all the photos. (several years ago).   It was just right this time…I still didn’t use all that I took.

It was harder capturing the older kiddos because they don’t like that as much anymore.  (Maybe I should have mentioned #selfies would count??)  How about a peek into a teen’s room though?  That was allowed!  Or her little pile on the kitchen counter that documents her life right now…play practice every evening!
October 27, a peek at the teen's room

October 28, play practice pile

Phebe on the other hand was no problem.  I loved capturing her “day in the life as a bug” on Halloween!  She seemed to enjoy wearing her costume all day!  Here are a few of my favorites of her…a rough day, getting ready for the day, kitchen play while mommy cooks, and trick or treating!

October 29, fussy Phebe, fussy internet

October 29, phebe and rebekah


This is one of those perfect captures that I LOVE!

October 31, trick or treating, gma sharon

I loved how Ali captured her own routines and experimented with capturing my own morning tea routine,

October 31, morning tea routine

Lest we forget the day in the life of a cat,


Or that gas prices are coming down and that we get our gas at an old mom and pop station (though I think it’s just Pop!)


And my all time favorite of the whole week.  This photo just really captured the emotion and routine of the end of the day for me.  The clock shows the time, the last load of laundry is waiting to be folded and put away.  DD2’s clothes pile on the kitchen counter (after numerous reminders for her to put it away).  It was a rare balmy day and evening for this time of year, thus the door is open and DH and DD2 are out visiting with the kitties on the swing.    You might not and won’t see it all…there is more than words can say in this photo and it will be my personal treasure when I look back years later!      This. was. life.

October 27, late evening routines

I tried to get everyone involved, telling them they each had devices with cameras so there was no excuse.  I still only ended up with one useable photo from DH!


I have uploaded and ordered my pages through Persnickety Prints.  Awesomely fast shipping and gorgeous prints.


I can’t wait to work on my album….hope to share that with you soon!

We are having some delightfully cozy days here.  Grey, cold, wind, a little snow.  Perfect for scrapping, stamping and crafting!