Hope inspired

Yesterday I was so inspired by a card in the gallery!  Last night, I found a few moments to get artsy and give the technique a try.  It’s called negative coloring.  Dini made this card for the HYCCT challenge yesterday!  Wow!  I need some more practice for sure, but it was fun to try.

Dini inspired artsy card

Time to log off.  The computer is draggy and slow and my toddler is FULL of energy…not a good combination for this momma right now!  I still would love to get today’s challenge card done, but we’ll see how the day goes.  I think we’re headed to town to run some errands with all this energy…home days with too much toddler energy get frustrating for me when I have no energy!  I’ve lost my nesting energy and would just simply like to have this baby!

And….drum roll please…stopping back in with today’s HYCCT card!  DD3 is napping after a few errands and lunch, and this momma couldn’t nap, so here I am with a finished card!

Today’s card was to have a postage theme and be a card that doesn’t require extra postage to actually send.  So, that brings about a nice flat CAS card!

Using TCP Commemorating You (also another stamp set of theirs that must be retired now) and TCP Stamp Trio CutUps.



And I just realized we’re off into the weekend now!  Time should be dragging for me, but it hasn’t!  HYCCT has been the perfect distraction for me in October as we wait for baby to arrive!  It’s homecoming weekend at the university in town, so we’ll be going to the parade, and the kids and DH will head out to the afternoon football game.  More quiet studio time for me!  That is if DD3 takes a nice nap.  We have a cold bug going around the house that involves a cough, so I’m hopeful everyone (I have yet to get it) gets over it SOON.

With Sympathy

Finding myself needing a few more sympathy cards again.  I’m not quite ready to be snitching cards from my stash, so I made up a few more yesterday.  Three need to go right out in the mail today, two for my stash.

 Heartfelt Sympathy

And the perfect healthier muffin to fix my craving for pumpkin and chocolate!

Flourless Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Chocolate pumpkin muffins

And last but not least, today’s HYCCT challenge card!  To use that favorite background paper you bought special for something and add some strength to it.  Oh my!  What background paper to chose…I have so many…it’s like fabric for a seamstress!  But I finally chose this recently purchased paper pack.  I love Kraft and Gold and together, well, OH MY!

background paper hoarding



I did make a second card of this, but it won’t make it to my stash. It already has a note attached to it and is ready to go in today’s mail.

Have a wonderful day!  A little someone is most definitely taking a nap today.  I’ve been skipping it the last few days, but today….whew!  She’s been intense…and likely I am too…we usually share the day of intensity together I’ve noticed…

Season of Friendship

You’ll have to forgive the multiple posts during HYCCT!!

Today’s challenge, to have the letters in the word TRASH each stand for something on your card.  (Trashing cancer)



R=ribbon (like the ribbons people tie around trees during war, this one is a reminder of friendship)

A=accents in gold



The littlest one is sleeping in today, and I’m savoring lots of quiet studio time!  We skipped nap-time yesterday.  I’m trying something new!  She has been waking up SO grumpy from naps the last while, so I’m wondering if she is outgrowing them a bit.  I know, great timing with a new baby coming soon!!!  But she was very good all day yesterday, even playing nicely in my bedroom while I rested a bit mid-afternoon.  So I can handle that!  But the grumpies after nap-time were getting unbearable.  She would wake up just about the time my two older daughters would get home from school and it felt like everything hit the fan at once!!!  I love extra quiet time in the morning much better I think!  But every day is different with her, so I can’t be guaranteed this every morning quite yet!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by…twice!

You are loved


The challenge, use three hearts, one of them red.  I dug out a gold foil Becky Higgin’s Project Life collection I have….love using these fun accents on cards!  I’m sorry I don’t know which kit it is, the box isn’t labeled and I can’t find it in her shop.


And an extra card I made with yesterday’s challenge to put in my stash.

Happy birthday

And my happy pumpkin painter.  Tomorrow we’ll show you the finished product…should be dry by then!

happy pumpkin painter

This week’s #everydaysprinkle challenge is all about light.  I opened the blinds a bit later this morning to discover this beautiful scene.  How perfect for Stacy’s sprinkle challenge!!

dewy cobwebs_edited-1

Have a wonderful day!  I’m not sure what the rest of our day holds.  No real plans beyond dinner prep.

Happy Birthday

The HYCCT challenge today was to not color inside the lines hosted my my dear friend Paula!  I’ve had this new image to ink up, and decided it would be fun in a multi-color party theme.  No coloring inside needed!



I’m not happy with the photo of this card tonight, but I was in a hurry because it stinks in the basement right now!!  DH put a coat of something or other on a counter that is going up in our new play area.  I was not wanting to breathe in much of it, let me tell you.  Not as bad as some, and I think it was a “healthier” choice of product to use but…

Plus it’s almost bedtime for me.  It’s been a hard Monday.  I’m ready to see Tuesday!  Thank you for stopping by!


Today’s HYCCT challenge was to pick a card from our own gallery and renovate it! I chose this older card.



I also made another version of the card, more like the original to have for my stash!

CAS redo of my own

And this is for any of you sitting on the fence as to whether you need a MISTI or not…you do!!!  I was being lazy and not using it and got two poorly stamped images of the text background.  Finally got my MISTI out (not a big deal at all, but like I say, I was just being lazy!!) and ta-da, nice and crisp…and even it had another poorly stamped spot, I could have easily re-stamped over it and taken  care of the issue!!MISTI solver

We are having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday here.  Looking forward to a bright, new week!  Baby is still happily baking!

Warrior Strength

Today’s challenge was to create a card showing strength and inspiration.  This cheer would certainly be inspiring…”FIGHT, CURE, WIN!”



And Happy World Card-Making Day!!

I snuck down to my studio after an early rise and readiness for the day!  We are off to watch DD2 march in a parade this morning.  We’ll be stopping to get apples for applesauce making next weekend and then lunch out.  So a nice family morning together.  I knew I needed to get up and at it so I could get my card made!  I made two, one for the stash of course!

Have a wonderful day!

Mixed Media card


Today’s HYCCT challenge is all about freestyle collage.  I did a mini collage and combined challenges with the Mixability challenge (hope theme and the use of two or more art media products…embossing paste, spray ink, burlap on this card) today.

First, I had to make my own homemade embossing paste.  Then, once I had it down, I had to wait for it to dry.  Patience!  (I did finally break out my embossing heat gun!) And then I need more patience for a very busy toddler in my studio.  “Paint”, “Potty”, “Colors”, “Mine”….that’s just a mini sample of the constant running dialogue this morning!!  It always takes her a bit to settle into her own little creative/play groove.

I did make two of these cards, so I have one for my stash.

Time to get on with the day!  Laundry needs flipping and dinner needs prepping.  Low-Carb Beef Stroganoff Meatballs for tonight!

Pumpkin everydaysprinkle

I made this card for Stacy Julian’s #everydaysprinkle this week…the theme was anything PUMPKIN!  Not a problem!!  Especially when I saw this adorable digi image over at 2CuteInk!  I can NOT wait to give birth so that I can bite into some pumpkin goodies!!!  I’m being super good these last few weeks of my pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes, not wanting to stir anything bad up by having sugar.  I have no risks as it is (because of taking care of myself) and I don’t want any!  Baby is measuring right on for it’s gestational age and every non-stress test I’ve had shows baby doing great!  We can handle that.

Have a wonderful day!